Bone Augmentation (bone grafting) in dentistry with state-of-the-art technology

Possible reasons of bone deficiency

  • tooth extraction
  • long-term tooth missing (In the area from which a tooth has been missing for a long time the bone – due to unexploited functions – starts to waste and more and more amounts of bone grafts will be needed as time advances.)
  • periodontal diseases
  • cyst
bone augmentation

When teeth are lost, sometimes the bone around resorbs as well. If this happens we may need to build the bone back up if implants are to be placed. There are various types of bone grafting (augmentation) that may be required in different situations, and if you need one of these we will explain to you why and how this is carried out. Not everyone needs this as part of their treatment, in fact most implant treatments don’t, but where there is a lack of bone all of our Dentists are extremely well-trained for this procedure.

Guided Bone Augmentation

This is carried out at the time of implant placement, and you will be unaware of the procedure apart from taking a few more minutes of surgery time. Special materials are added around the implant where there are small deficiencies in your own bone. This will help to maintain the look of the implant crown where it comes out of the gum. There are various material options to use for this technique, the material used are favoured materials following careful research. These are man-made bone substitutes so there is no need for us ever to use animal products.

Sinus Grafting

The bones that make up your face are hollow and contain air spaces known as sinuses. The sinuses that sit above your upper back teeth are known as the maxillary sinuses. When an upper posterior tooth is lost, the floor of the maxillary sinus drops down into the space formerly occupied by the root of the lost tooth. In order to place an implant, it is sometimes necessary lift the sinus floor back up to where it originally was by adding a bone substitute. This procedure is called a sinus floor bone augmentation or a sinus lift.

Block Grafts

Though exceptionally rarely required, when a lot of bone has been lost from the front part of the upper jaw, it is occasionally necessary to build this back using a block of bone from the patient. This is an extremely rare condition and one for which we usually seek an alternative treatment. If you are concerned about this procedure, do come in and discuss it with us.

Advantages of bone grafting (Augumentation)

  • with the help of it dental implants you can enjoy the sensation of own teeth again
  • most facial wrinkles disappear
  • by implanting the Bone-Block uniquely applied by our clinic:
photo: East Midtown

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